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Our team
We at Hydrospin take special pride at our team.
Hydrospin’s team is our most prized asset, and the driving force behind the innovation, creativity and entrepreneur spirit which allowed us to break new grounds in our pursuit – transforming standard water infrastructure to smart water systems!

Hydrospin is the response to a great need for an efficient energy solution in the water quality industry. Hydrospin’s innovation produces micro-energy from generators within urban water pipelines, allowing cities to manage their smart water networks with sustainable, efficient and uninterrupted data flow.

Nir Naveh
Nir brings vast international experience in the water technology arena, management and implementation of innovative technologies, solutions and products for various applications of the global water market.
Prior to Hydrospin, Nir served as VP of Marketing in BERMAD CS Ltd., a global leader in water control solutions, and as a chairman of Aquaduct, a Leak detection monitoring company. His expertise lies in implementing efficient management methods for pressure management and minimizing non-revenue water in municipal water distribution systems.
Nir has M.Sc. in Water Resources Engineering and Management and B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering.
Noam Taichler
Noam Taichler is the CFO of HydroSpin, in charge of all financial and budgetary aspects of the company.
Noam held several positions at Israel Petrochemical Enterprises, a large Israeli publicly listed company, including Finance Director and Business Development Manager, where he was responsible for financial management and reporting, budgeting, control and investments. He worked at the financial advisory department at Deloitte & Touche, and as an accountant at Ernst & Young.
Noam holds a B.A. in Management, Accounting and Economics, and an MBA (specializing in financial management) both from Tel Aviv University, and is a certified public accountant in Israel.
Ohad Lev
VP Marketing and Sales
Ohad, Adv., Brings deep knowledge and experience in the green energy industry. He began with marketing PV solutions and building overall marketing and product promotion strategies. Ohad has extensive experience in business development, marketing and sales including managing complex negotiations and large-scale projects requiring multi-synchronization. Today, Ohad is in charge of the entire marketing and sales department, and is responsible for all global marketing and public activities, including development of strategic marketing objectives, oversight of internal and external communications with municipalities, government organizations and private corporations.
Daniel Peleg
Dani, the company’s CTO and one of its founders, has vast practical experience with hydraulic systems. He has a in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in the field of hydrodynamics and fluid dynamics. Dani began his career in one of the field’s leading global companies, and was one of the pioneers to lead the simple, yet innovative, idea of energy generation from running water. Dani is in charge of the company’s development team where he tackles new and fascinating challenges daily.
Tom Shefer
Director of Engineering, Production & Operations
Tom is a mechanical engineer with multiple areas of expertise that goes hand in hand with deep technical perception and hands-on approach. From his previous positions as a member at an electric race car development, R&D engineer and mold design, Tom brings experience of project management and team work as well as vast knowledge of production methods. The position at HydroSpin includes responsibility over the fields of production, operations, QA, etc. constantly exploring new ways for improved and more efficient manufacturing, design to cost and finding new suppliers as well as maintaining relations with the current ones, inventory management and more.

Tal Fishbhin
Sales Director Asia & Pacific
Tal holds a diploma in Business Administration: Sales, Marketing and investment portfolio management. Tal is in charge of managing the Asia and Pacific Sales activities. He brings vast experience in international sales in diverse areas, as well as deep understanding of the potable water sector, with expertise in B2B oriented selling, and public entity customers. Tal is an expert in setting up international sales, including new market penetration, establishment of joint ventures with leading local and global companies for business and projects developments.
Dana Weil
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Dana is responsible for supporting the Sales Team by providing administrative support and managing enquiries from distributors to end users and by providing marcom support.
Dana takes care of the day to day sales enquiries from distributors – product part numbers, quotes and tender support – and also assists in production and maintenance of sales and marketing literature. Dana brings a vast experience with customer service and sales administration and serves as a main contact point for the marketing and sales managers.
Michael Fisherman
Software Architect
Michael is the company’s Chief Electronics Engineer and Software Architect. Michael contributes his extensive experience in the field of embedded systems as well as the vast theoretical knowledge he has gained during his studies in the faculty of Thermodynamics. In his previous position at an IoT company, Michael led a key project that involved development of advanced telemetry systems.