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Cost-effective, patented, renewable energy solution
The modern urban water distribution system is based on smart water networks – water health monitors, transmitters and data loggers that constantly survey the water quality. These devices need a smart, reliable, affordable, preferably green source of available energy. Hydrospin found a solution: a mini-generator that converts water-generated kinetic energy into electric hydropower in city pipelines.
Available energy source
Water flows through city pipelines at all times and as such, needs to be monitored 24/7. Most water monitoring devices ration their transmissions frugally, because they cannot afford the energy toll of frequently replaced batteries. Hydrospin’s sustainable water-produced micro-energy provides available DC electrical power to sensors and data loggers. An unlimited energy source means you no longer have to choose when to operate your monitoring equipment or settle for a sample analysis of water health: you can control your water all the time and get any data you need at every given moment, to manage a high quality, low-risk urban water network.
Easy to control, easy to maintain
While the production of energy from water has been in practice since ancient Greece, Hydrospin found a way to renew this ancient technology with a modern, environment friendly application. Hydrospin’s uniqueness is in its simplicity: it has a self-reliant mechanism that does not require especially produced or solar generated energy; it creates its own electricity and so does not depend on an external electricity provider. Hydrospin’s two primary solutions can be easily inserted into standard city pipelines: the SWING unit is compatible with 3” (80 mm) and 4” (100 mm) diameter pipes and the Yogev unit can be inserted into 6” (150 mm) and 8” (200 mm) diameter pipes.

Benefits of Hydrospin technology:

  • Provides green, affordable electric hydropower to data loggers, sensors and any control unit.
  • Patented Wet Generator with compatibility to drinking water
  • Sophisticated HydroCharger with multi-charging channels
  • Insertion device compatible with following pipe diameters:
    • 3” (80 mm)
    • 4” (100 mm)
    • 6” (150 mm)
    • 8” (200 mm)
  • Applicable in any water distribution network
  • Minimal head loss
  • Minimal flow interference
  • Water and pressure resistant casing – IP68 Rating



Join the Smart City evolution

Policy makers on urban life everywhere have embraced the need to cultivate a more sustainable, energy efficient, greener approach toward living in urban environments. The need to find smart, creative solutions for dwindling resources has inspired some fantastic inventions. We invite you to use HydroSpin’s micro-energy solution and leverage your urban area toward a smarter, more energy-efficient water network.