Road show and Israeli Water Delegation to Spain – 2017

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In March 2017, HydroSpin participated in a road show across Spain, in the cities of Seville and Almería. The road show included meetings with key figures and decision makers in the Spanish water management market. We also presented lectures and talks explaining HydroSpin’s currently available solutions and plans for future product releases.

We were thrilled to see the great interest that people showed in the HydroSpin solutions and the huge demand for our products in the Spanish market.

During the road show, the Israeli delegation visited the offices of Seville Water. We were given a tour of the facility which included the company’s impressive control system (SCADA). During the tour we learned about the data flowing into the control room and the various devices and installations along the urban water system.

The main need of the utility company, as explained by the Seville Water team, is the requirement for a consistent flow of data, which will allow for effective and deliberate control of the water network. Currently, the only solution available to the utility is re-chargeable batteries, which require frequent replacement, and create a heavy logistical workload. This issue can be easily addressed by installation of HydroSpin generators, which provide consistent power 24/7, with no need for replacement.

After seeing that the Spanish water network is taking important steps towards creating a smart water system, and having established important new connections in Spain, we consider the road show a great success!

Stay tuned for updates from future road shows!




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