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SWING 20 Watt – For 3”and 4” (80mm and 100mm) Diameter Pipes

Hydrospin’s SWING 20W (DN80 –DN100 3’’- 4”) units are micro-energy harvesting systems installable in urban water pipelines of 3” and 4” (80mm and 100mm) diameters, designed to convert energy from the water running in the pipelines to hydroelectricity. The micro-energy is then used to power all monitoring and control devices installed on the pipeline, such as data loggers and water health monitoring devices, throughout cities all over the world.
The SWING 20W units are both stand-alone units, with a built-in energy production system which includes a mini-generator that maximizes energy at low flow.


How does it work?
The Hydrospin mini-generator essentially integrates a mini-generator and a turbine into a one-unit apparatus. The combined generator & turbine unit is installed on a single axle, a practice which enables minimal head loss and maximizes energy production efficiency.
The unit is designed and installed to leave no moving parts outside of the water. The generator and turbine are fully submerged.
Where can the unit be installed?
One of the unit’s greater strength’s is its method of installation. The SWING 20W can be installed at any point of the urban water system. The unit’s power output and low head loss allow it to be placed at any location where available power is required, with no dependency on other accessories. The SWING 20W will generate power from any point within the pipeline system, turning any water distribution network to a smart water network, with a one simple and cost effective installation.
Hydrospin’s unique SWING mechanism
The unit’s ability to ensure low head loss and maintain high energy output even during low water flow rates is one of its major benefits.
This is achieved by Hydrospin’s swing mechanism. When the flow within the pipe increases, the mechanism retracts, swinging the generator above the flow line, to maintain the correct rotation speed of the generator. Once the flow in the pipe is decreased, the generator swings back below the flow line, to allow optimal energy harvesting.
The swing operation also protects the generator, preventing mechanism wear-and-tear at high RPM.
SWING 20W (DN80 –DN100 3’’- 4'') – Unique benefits:
HydroSpin’s SWING 20W series enables 24/7 power availability for all monitoring and control systems, anywhere along the water distribution network. The SWING 20W Hydro-Generator is a reliable power source, replacing batteries, alternative sources of energy and costly electrical connections.


HydroSpin SWING 20W supports:

  • Dynamic pressure control systems
  • Flow and Pressure instrumentation
  • Communication systems
  • Water quality analyzers
  • 24/7 data transmission
  • Data Loggers

SWING 20W (DN80 –DN100 3’’- 4”) – Features summary:

  • Hydrospin’s Patented submerged generator and proprietary charging units
  • 24/7 power for monitoring and control instrumentations
  • Suitable for drinking water – NSF and WRAS standards approved
  • Peak power generation output – 20 Watt
  • Internal swing mechanism for minimal head loss and Generator protection
  • Standalone unit, easily installed on any 3’’ and 4’’ (80mm-100mm) pipelines

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