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Hydrospin’s Hydrocharger converts AC power to DC, charging its internal battery and transferring the electric hydropower produced from the water’s Kinetic energy – to water sensors and monitoring devices. It is universally compatible with many devices and can be installed anywhere.


How does it work?
Hydrospin’s energy solution is based on conversion of water-generated kinetic energy to electric energy. The Hydrocharger’s innovativeness is in its ability to maximize the energy produced by the mini-generator in dynamic flow and voltage. The process utilizes the generator’s unique structure, the water flow regime and the control unit’s energy consumption ability.

The Hydrocharger receives AC voltage from the generator. This process uses advanced algorithms for energy charging and maintenance to produce the maximum energy from the generator.

The power produced is used to charge the internal battery and supply electric hydropower to any device monitoring the water. The Hydrocharger supplies direct current according to the dynamic flow conditions in the pipes, thus adjusting the current and optimizing the recharging process for external devices.

Interface Communication
The Hydrocharger supports Modbus Protocol and is able to provide operational data at any given time: voltage, current, battery level, etc. The Hydrocharger has digital outputs that allow it to send an alarm notification and the generator’s RPM. The unit also has 2 inputs for general use. All physical interfaces are water-proof.
Resilient, sustainable casing
The Hydrocharger’s casing is manufactured from robust, resilient materials which are resistant to water, oil, dust, theft, vandalism and weather damage resistant. The Hydrocharger’s electric cords are high quality and water proof. The Hydrocharger is designed to operate while submerged, with an IP68 rating.


The Hydrocharger’s unique benefits:

  • Smart algorithm for recharged batteries
  • 3 indicator lights: Alarm, Communication and RPM.
  • Logs all internal parameters, such as: current, RPM, voltage etc.
  • Supports Modbus protocol
  • The rechargeable battery is designed to operate in outdoor temperature: 70°C and -40°C
  • Compatible with following pipe diameter units:
  • Universal adapter – can be installed on pipes, walls, metal platforms, etc.
  • Applicable in any water distribution network
  • External robustness – water, sand, oil and UV damage resistant

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