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For 6” and 8” (150mm and 200mm) Diameter Pipes

Hydrospin’s Yogev 10W unit is a micro-energy harvesting system installable in urban water pipelines of 6’’ or 8’’ (150mm and 200mm) diameters, designed to convert energy from the water running in the pipelines to electricity. Hydrospin’s micro-energy systems power data loggers and water health monitors in smart water systems throughout cities all around the world.
The Yogev’s edge comes from its head loss management system, which Includes Hydrospin’s proprietary swing mechanism. The mechanism facilitates low head loss at high flow rate and protects the mini-generator, ensuring long operation life.


How does it work?
The Yogev is a stand-alone unit, with a built-in energy production system which includes a mini-generator. This unit is installed inside the pipeline, according to the standardized method for installation in water pipelines, enabling minimal head loss and maximizing energy production efficiency.
HydroSpin’s Yogev 10W unit provides up to 10 watt of available power and supports a wide range of applications such as flow and pressure instruments, 24/7 communication systems, dynamic pressure control systems, water quality analyzers, data loggers and much more.
Producing the most energy out of your water
The Yogev unit’s swing mechanism is uniquely designed to maximize power output and ensure low head loss.
When the flow in the pipes increases, the mechanism elevates the generator above stream. The generator will inserts itself back into the water stream when the flow drops. This mechanism continues to produce power even when fully extended.
Durable, industry standardized gear and equipment
Hydrospin’s Yogev energy production unit is made from water resistant, easy to maintain and replaceable parts. The unit’s external pieces are manufactured from resilient highly durable materials that are resistant to water, oil, sand, theft, vandalism, UV, corrosion and oxidation. The materials are manufactured according to international regulations for installation in drinking water.


The Yogev’s unique benefits:

  • Hydrospin’s unique patent – wet mini-generator technology, with no moving parts
  • Stand-alone unit – no extra parts required
  • Quick, elegant and simple installation in any 6” or 8” (150mm or 200mm) diameter pipeline
  • Internal swing mechanism for minimal head loss – can be replaced without the removal of the entire unit
  • Capable of high output at low flow rates
  • Made from a fortified Nylon material, highly resistant to corrosion
  • Pressure grading – PN16
  • Minimal head loss at normal flow
  • 3 phase plug-&-play connection to charging unit
  • Low weight (4 Kg for the 6” unit, 5 Kg for the 8” unit)


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