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We are extremely proud to be included in a new CNN piece, covering climate change, global warming, and the technology that helps us keep it under control.

With the drought in California becoming an ever increasing concern, more and more governments around the world, and especially in Asia, are viewing water conservation and smart water usage as a national priority. These governments are collaborating with private companies on various solutions and strategies, to ensure continued access to water sources.
We’re extremely pleased and proud to be one of those private companies.

From the areticle:
“One of Asia’s richest businessman, Li Ka-shing, (Forbes estimates his net worth at about $33 billion), has also made big bets on water technology. Li’s Hutchison Whampoa Water runs one of the world’s largest desalination plants, the Sorek plant, which provides one-fifth of Israel’s municipal water.”

“Li isn’t just building big projects. He bought into a water-tech incubator a couple of years back, now known as Hutchison Kinrot. One the unit’s portfolio companies […] Hydrospin, uses a micro-generator to produce energy from the water flow inside distribution pipes. This energy powers measuring devices measuring water toxicity, pH, chlorine and pressure.”
Click here to read the full article:
California’s drought is Asia’s nightmare
(it’s a fascinating read for anyone interested in the issue of climate change)

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