Installation at Sosnowiec, Poland – July 2015

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In July 2015, a HydroSpin system was installed in one of the Sosnowiec water chambers.

Sosnowiec Water is responsible for guaranteeing a steady water supply for the city, as well as for maintaining the water’s quality and treating it after use. The company has recently initiated a strategic program for monitoring the quality of water at all points of access into the city using advanced HACH water quality systems.

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Water quality monitoring systems require a relatively high supply of steady power. The HACH system requires 8 watts. In addition to the monitoring system, each HACH installation also includes a CELLO Technolog remote terminal unit. The water monitoring systems are installed inside underground water chambers 2-3 meters below the ground. They are directly connected to the city’s water distribution pipelines and monitor them at all times. Providing a steady supply of power 24/7 to an underground chamber which is constantly damp and often flooded, is a challenging task. The standard solution is to connect the system to the power grid. However, this is costly and necessitates bureaucratic dependency on a local power company. These issues raised the need for an alternative energy source to power the HACH water monitoring systems.

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They chose to install the HydroSpin system. The installation was quick and simple, requiring minimal human resources.. The HydroSpin system provides a steady, reliable, 24/7 energy flow, allowing HACH to operate continuously. There is no need for battery replacement or investment in infrastructure. In addition to water quality data, HACH’s personnel also receive output reports from the HydroSpin Hydrocharger. The software supplied with the system provides access to all measures of the system’s performance in the chamber – RPM, voltage, current, charge current etc.

Read the full case study for this installation project here


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