HydroSpin’s Road Show in Poland – May 2017

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During May, HydroSpin participated in a Poland Road show, in collaboration with the company’s Polish distributer and a representative of the Kraków Waterworks Company. The road show included a panel, during which we presented HydroSpin’s solution and its future application in the Kraków water system.

The Kraków Waterworks representative expanded on the advantages of a smart water management solution, and the HydroSpin Solution’s advantage over solar panel or power cell based solutions.

Later during the road show, we conducted B2B meeting with decision makers and other key figures in the Polish water market. These meeting allowed us to further increase awareness to HydroSpin’s current solutions and other developments which will soon be available on the market.


During the road show, many end clients and companies expressed extreme interest in HydroSpin’s solutions and in future potential collaborations. We learned that the Polish market was eager to adopt the energy solutions we offered, and eager to adopt Israeli technologies in general.

Today, it is already possible to find HydroSpin’s solution in the Polish water network, and it’s expected that 80 more HydroSpin systems will be installed at separate location by the end of the year, allowing for 24/7 connectivity and ongoing, effective and smart management of water resources.

In summary, HydroSpin is already very much active and prominent in the Polish market. From here, turning the entire water system into a smart water network is only a matter of time.

See you in the next Road Show!

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