HydroSpin SWING Installation in Greece – February 2016

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In Febru20160209_153308ary 2016, a HydroSpin Swing 4” (100 mm) unit was installed at a Greek facility serving the local Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP). The HydroSpin Generator powers a telemetric device, a GPRS-based data logger, which continuously transmits flow rate data to the water utility.

The clients were able to install the system themselves without hiring outside contractors. They found the installation to be very simple and straightforward. In the past, EYDAP relied on solar and wind turbine solutions to power the systems that monitor critical junctures of their water system and transmit the data to their control center. These solutions were problematic and unreliable.

The clients are thrilled with the idea of being completely self-sufficient. No more need to negotiate with the electric company or engage in exhausting bureaucratic hurdle-jumping. All you need to do is install the HydroSpin Generator at the desired spot in the water system using standard installation methods. You immediately benefit from available electricity, continuous data, and precise knowledge of what is happening at every point in the network in real time.

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