HydroSpin Generator Installation in Vietnam –May 2017

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In May 2017, the HydroSpin system was installed in the Ninh Thuan Water Utility, located north of Ho chi Minh city, Vietnam.
The power produced by the HydroSpin system, powers a flow meter, a PRV and a Data Logger in one of the city’s main DMAs. The aim of the DMA is to provide the utility company with a steady stream of data regarding the volume of water passing through the main pipe. They can then compare the volume of water measured at the DMA with the volume of water being provided to the consumers. This helps them to identify instances of water loss in the city’s water distribution.

A Hydrospin Yogev 20 watt 6’’ unit, was installed in a 6’’ pipeline.
The following images show how simple it is to install the HydroSpin system:

התקנה בויטנאם 1

The HydroSpin unit was installed next to a B SOFT water meter and a DOROT pressure control valve.
A filter was installed in the pipeline ahead of these components.

ויאטנם 2

All of the components were connected to an external Sofrel Data Logger which is encased in a secured iron box outside of the DMA.

ויאטנם 3

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