HydroSpin Generator Installation in Croatia – January 2016

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During January 2016, a HydroSpin Swing 4” (100 mm) unit was installed at an underground chamber in Croatia serving the local water utility of the city of Pula. The HydroSpin unit powers a telemetric water measuring device that sends continuous flow rate data to the local water utility.

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Prior to the installation of the HydroSpin unit, the city of Pula relied on batteries that ran down every three months. They needed to constantly replace the batteries in order to maintain the flow of data 24/7. There is no longer a need to deploy manpower on the ground to access the device and replace the batteries.

One of the biggest advantages of the HydroSpin system is its ease of installation and operation. The generator was installed by the water utility’s own employees. The unit is installed in the same manner as a standard water meter, and power is provided to the transmission unit via a simple cable (+/-) connection.

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At this site, the average flow rate is 20 m3/h, which is sufficient to recharge the internal battery (the hydro-charger) while also providing electricity directly to the transmission unit.

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