HydroSpin for Agriculture – May 2015

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During May 2015 HydroSpin installed two HG600 and HG800 HydroSpin systems in an agricultural plot at the south of Israel.

The new systems generate the energy to power two ChloRun units, which inject the plot’s water supply with chlorine at varying intervals. Each unit utilizes between 4 to 6 watts of electricity.

The pilot project was crowned as a success, and the HydroSpin systems are currently generating a constant flow of power to the area.



There are plans for continued collaboration. The additional ChloRun units which will be deployed throughout the plot will also be continuously powered 24/7 by HydroSpin generators.
The HydroSpin system provides the perfect solution for agricultural zones and fields, which often face difficulties in connecting to existing electrical infrastructure. This solution has great advantages over use of solar panels which are subject to vandalism, theft and poor access to sunlight.




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