Hydro-Generator Installation in northern Israel – December 2014

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Hydrospin hydro generator installed

During December 2014, HydroSpin installed its Hydro-generator system in a pipeline network maintained by a water utility in the North of Israel.

The Hydro-generator was installed in an 8’’ diameter pipeline, with the HydroSpin insertion unit mounted into the pipe..
The installation was performed in a water reservoir facility that did not have access to the electrical grid.
The HydroSpin system generates sufficient energy to power a flow measurement device, which transmits data to a control center at 10 seconds intervals. This allows the water utility company to constantly monitor the state of the water at the facility.

In addition, the company can now add additional monitors and sensors to measure water quality and pressure at the facility as well as to remotely operate valves and more.

There are current plans to expand the project by installing energy harvesting units in pipes in a nearby urban area for 24/7 monitoring of water quality and pressure.


energy harvesting unit - installation


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