Hydro-Generator installation in Poland – April 2015

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On April 15, a Hydrospin Hydro-Generator system was installed in Poland by Sejcom.

The system was installed on a local pipeline network to provide electricity to a CELLBOX data logger, which is connected to an external antenna that transmits the data live to the local water utility company.


In addition to the powering data logger, the HydroSpin unit charges an external rechargeable battery which serves as a full-time back-up power source for the data logger.

Since the recess in which the loggers are located is often filled with rain water, all components including the HydroSpin needed to be IP68 standard approved.

HydroSpin is fully compatible with both metal and plastic pipes. In this instance the HydroSpin system was installed in a plastic pipeline. Adjustments in the system can be made as per client request to accommodate the requirements of specific sites, as was the case for this specific project.

The Polish water utility is planning to install additional Hydro-Generator units to power data loggers and water quality monitors both at the original site and at other locations throughout Poland.


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