Hydro-Generator Installation in Haifa – December 2014

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Hydro Generator - Clean Energy

In December 2014, we installed our Hydro-Generator system in a pipeline network maintained by the water utility company of Haifa, in the North of Israel.

The system was installed in a 4’’ diameter pipeline, with our generator positioned within a standard water-meter assembly (Manufactured by the ARAD Group).

As the images below demonstrate, the installation was performed in a small channel at the center of a busy urban intersection. Prior to the installation of the HydroSpin system there was no viable option for on-site energy generation, as a solar panel would not be effective in this type of location (due to vandalism and infrequent access to day light). And connecting to the local electrical grids would be have been too costly and complex.

Hydro Generator - Haifa 2014

The HydroSpin system generates sufficient electricity to power a Galcon controller, which manages 2 Bermad pressure regulators. Additionally, our system provides energy to a transmission unit, which transmits water flow data to a control center at 10 seconds intervals. This allows the water utility company to continually monitor the installation site in real-time.

At the conclusion of the installation, the site operator expressed interest in adding another monitor to the site to track water turbidity. The energy to power the new device will be generated by a HydroSpin generator as well.

Plans for continued development of the project include installation of HydroSpin units at other sites in the city’s pipelines to power additional pressure regulators, water quality monitors, water flow monitors and more.

Hydro-Generator system



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