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How complex is the installation process, and who can perform it?
Hydrospin’s products are installable within standard water pipelines. Anyone experienced with installation of water accessories in pipelines and water infrastructure will be able to perform the installation. For installation instructions for each of our products, please see our Downloads page.
Can The Generator’s activity be monitored?
Hydrospin’s Hydrocharger records all operation and activity data in its internal memory. All recent data and the system’s history can be viewed using software supplied with the Hydrocharger. For additional information, click here to see the user guide.
How much energy does the generator produce?
We offer two generator models, which can produce up to either 10W or up to 20W of power.
For relevant energy production graphs, demonstrating the relation between the rate of flow and the energy produced by the generator, please click here.
What is the head loss?
The head loss is an outcome of pipeline diameter and rate of flow. To view the head loss data for different conditions and for each of our units, please click here.
What happens if the water flows in the opposite direction?
The generator will not be damaged, but the energy production will be considerably lower than projected. Our tests predict a 30% decrease of power production.
How do the systems deal with change in the rate of flow during the day?
The generator charges an internal battery, which is located within the Hydrocharger  (5.3 AH). The system will always supply steady voltage and current, directly from the generator or the battery.
What is the minimum and maximum rate of flow the product can handle?
Each pipe diameter has a minimal and maximal flow rate capacity. Please click here for the relevant graphs.
Which diameter pipelines is the product installed in?
Hydrospin developed versions of the products suitable for 3” (80mm), 4” (100mm), 6” (150mm) and 8” (200mm) pipes.
How long do the batteries last?
The Hydrocharger is installed with a rechargeable lithium battery, which is resilient in harsh environmental conditions. The battery will supply approximately 5 years of quality energy charging.
Where is the electronic case installed?
The case can be installed using two methods: onto the pipe, using custom hoops, or directly attached to a wall with screws. Its size is 15 X 20 cm.
The unit includes a cable which connects the generator and the electric case.
Does your company provide water monitoring services?
Hydrospin deals only in producing micro-energy and Hydro Power Generation for smart water networks. We do not provide water monitoring solutions.
Is the water quality affected by the product’s interference in any way?
The quality of water used to produce micro-energy is not affected. The system’s installation meets rigid international standards for product installation in drinking water.
For further details on Hydrospin’s products, click here.