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About us
Hydrospin is the response to a great need for an efficient energy solution in the water quality industry. Hydrospin’s innovation produces micro-energy from generators within urban water pipelines, allowing cities to manage their smart water networks with sustainable, efficient and uninterrupted data flow.

About the company

Hydrospin kicked off as a startup in 2010, but its vision is deeply rooted in Israel’s rich tradition of energy and agriculture related innovations. Hydrospin’s founder, Danny Peleg, is a veteran of the agricultural irrigation industry, who understood the need for creative, economic water-energy solutions.

A singular micro-energy solution for water management

The Hydrospin concept is based on a surprisingly simple idea: use the water running in the city pipelines to generate the electric energy needed to power the water monitoring devices that harvest data all over the water network.

Hydrospin’s innovation is groundbreaking, in that it creates a whole new approach toward water management – the ability to access your entire water network’s data is unprecedented and can revolutionize the way smart water networks are managed.

Hydrospin’s CleanTech approach

Hydrospin places a great deal of importance on protecting environmental assets. Water and energy are global issues, gradually requiring more and more attention. The micro-generator makes smart use of water while creating green energy that does not leave a carbon footprint, utilizing natural resources to the maximum. Hydrospin’s innovation promotes clean technology through and through.

CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (CKH)

Hydrospin, a subsidiary of CKH, is a graduate of Hutchison Kinrot Incubator. CKH is a renowned multinational conglomerate committed to innovation and technology. CKH’s diverse businesses employ over 260,000 people in 52 countries across the world. CKH has six core businesses – ports and related services, property and hotels, retail, infrastructure, energy and telecommunications.

Our vision: to provide the ultimate energy solution for smart water networks that monitor and control urban water networks.