The main objective of a Water Control Plan in the food industry is to certify the safety that the water used in the processes of both manufacturing, treatment, cleaning, or use of materials and tools that may be in contact with food, is adequate and free of any type of chemical or infectious pollutant, which does not cause harmful effects on health.

Water Supply System In The Food Industry

Food industries must have appropriate facilities for water storage and distribution. Guaranteeing the safety of the water supply is based on carrying out controls from the source of the water to its use, avoiding its contamination, or detecting levels harmful to health in time. These controls will be carried out in the protection of water resources, adequate treatment in purification, management of distribution and storage systems to maintain the quality of the treated water (pipes, tanks, etc.).

The maintenance, cleaning, and disinfection of the supply system is very important when using water from wells or external companies with storage tanks. If these external companies do not have intermediary tanks, the checks will be limited to unusual situations in the distribution network, for example, a pipe break, which leads to a problem with water quality.

Water Control Plan

High-pressure Water Cutting

A high-pressure water jet is ideal for cleanly and safely separating a wide variety of materials. Materials that are difficult to cut require the use of a high-pressure water nozzle to which abrasives are added to the water. At the injector, a free jet is first generated by a high-pressure nozzle. This press water is irradiated through a mixing chamber into a focus tube made of hard metal. A negative pressure is generated in the mixing chamber and air and abrasives are drawn in through a feed tube installed on the side. In the mixing chamber, the high-pressure water jet accelerates the abrasive and carries it through the focusing tube.

The advanced and personalized IoT solutions and services for the efficient management and control of water use. The design, development, and implementation of T4 Water solution is carried out from the integration of the know-how and experience of the company’s Water and ICT engineering and consulting teams.

The services offered can include any of the aspects or areas of an IoT project: from the deployment and configuration of sensors to the selection of the most suitable communication network for each situation, through the debugging, treatment, analysis, and storage of the data and the development of DSS and custom applications for end-users.

 The data is integrated into a Management Platform accessible through mobile devices, allowing analysis based on Big Data techniques; automatic generation of reports and dashboards; real-time alarm management; organization and traceability of work processes and integration with existing systems.

IoT4Water is an advanced solution for the control of water consumption, allowing the early detection of leaks and anomalous consumption. Likewise, the possibility of sharing information with end consumers makes it a very powerful tool to meet their awareness-raising objectives on the sustainable use of water.

IoT4Water is being implemented for a varied typology of end-users, including from large water consumers with multiple dispersed consumption points to individual consumers; from private entities to public bodies. The same happens in terms of water uses, obtaining its benefits, for example, in management and control of water uses for municipal and industrial consumption, irrigation of parks and gardens, sanitation systems, water treatment, and purification facilities, etc., etc.



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