Theft proof

The HydroSpin solution will allow you to sleep quietly knowing that your energy generation solution is not only renewable but is also theft and vandalism proof, leaving you to deal with water quality while we take care of your energy solutions.

Sustainable Solutions

Using HydroSpin's innovative energy solutions, you will now be able to use renewable energy to power your monitoring solutions and will be able to use a real sustainable solutions minimizing the environmental damage caused by batteries being constantly replaced and discarded.

Know More

Having a constant and renewable stream of energy allows you to upgrade your data transmission from once or three times a day to online monitoring, transmitting data as frequently as every five minutes. Online monitoring will allow you to know more and act fast! More data leads to more knowledge, saving time and money constanly.

Liberate yourself

The HydroSpin solution suite will allow you to power your monitoring and transmission solutions off-grid and be liberated from constant and expensive connection to the electric grid, allowing you to deploy sensors in locations that were not accesible in the past due to energetic limitations.

More Energy

More Energy means more data, and now using a renewable energy solution, you will have sufficient energy to power more sensors and monitor more parameters in your water network.  More energy will allow you to get more value from your smart water network utilizing it efficiently.


We supply energy to anyone who wants to measure and control online (24/7) the smart water network.
Water supply and utilities networks world over are spending today increasingly large amounts of money, in supplying energy for uses such as monitoring the movement and quality of water through the network of pipes. “Smart Water” technologies of today need to retrieve large amounts of data in frequent intervals. As the Smart Water market is expected to quadruple by 2020, so are its energy needs. Existing energy solutions are limited and will not be able to support this growth sufficiently.
HydroSpin has developed a unique generator that produces micro-energy from the flow of water inside distribution pipes. The HydroSpin generator creates enough power to support low-energy devices throughout the water network; such as sensors, probes and transmission devices (GPRS). It costs significantly less than existing solutions and lasts for a much longer time with minimal maintenance required. 
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