Water. The single most important resource for urban environment we cannot afford to lose control over. Hydrospin has developed a solution to overcome the energy barrier in the water monitoring industry – explore the patented mini-generator that provides renewable hydroelectric power for smart water networks.


Hydroelectric power for a smart city

Hydroelectric power for a smart city

Green, sustainable energy solution

Leverage Hydrospin’s patented mini-generator to gain more control over your water data. Power your monitoring devices with hydroelectric power – a simple, green, available energy solution.

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Hydroelectric power and Water Monitoring

Uninterrupted data flow 24/7

Get unlimited access to your smart water networks, making sure no alerts go un-noticed. Ensure your customers’ confidence in unrestricted water monitoring capabilities.

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Patented clean energy products

Hydroelectric Power Perspex Generator

Perspex Hydro Generator

Change your water professionals’ perception of water monitoring and spearhead the way toward a Smarter City approach.

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